it’s too hot, bring back the rain


Weather is probably THE single most talked about subject in the country. So when it’s a scorcher like today, every conversation held in the country is purely about what a great day it is. People will down tools, head to beaches, wear white instead of black and generally be happier…

So it’s good for morale, but i’ve noticed good weather makes me personally feel lazier, more tired and less productive. So too much sun is bad for me, it kills my workrate. Fine if your own holidays or it’s a weekend, not so good if it’s during the week and you’re trying to get things done.

Leaving Cert students up and down the country will be giving out about it… and almost without fail, the best of our summer will come along before or during the leaving cert (early-mid june).

Neapolitan ice cream
Creative Commons License photo credit: Debs ♪

I like blue skies and being able to wear a tshirt but can’t stand the sun beaming down on me. If there’s shade, that’s where you’ll find me. I’ll strategically sit where the sun won’t be shining on buses, in restaurants, car parks etc… about 10 years ago i went on a family holiday to Tunisia and we ventured down in to the Sahara Desert… this was in June or July which in hindsight was a big mistake…. that’s when i quickly realized the sun can be the devil in disguise and not the god we worship here in Ireland 🙂

Warm enough to wear a tshirt, cold enough not to break sweat simply casually walking along the street… preferably scattered cloud or plenty of shade around… that’s the type of weather i like 🙂

Anyway, if this good weather continues, which is highly unlikely, i might actually have to start going places and doing things… you feel guilty if you’re not at a beach or strolling around in a park (which is exactly what i was doing today, hence this pretty poor quality, lazy blog post!)…

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