it’s the big one tomorrow

Tomorrow at about 3.20pm, i’ll know whether i’ve passed or failed all my modules this year in college. It’s an exam on broadband technologies.

Creative Commons License photo credit: charmcitygavin

Sounds interesting, it’s not. It’s all about connections and packets and remembering diagrams, values & doing some maths. Useful? No. Interesting? No. Will i ever apply the knowledge i’ve gained in it in real life? No. That’s my two cents of course, perhaps someone else loves it… (however nobody in my class does).

The exam tomorrow is worth 70% of the overall marks for the subject, making it the most important exam of them all. It just so happens to be my worst subject too so this is the only one that i’m approaching with caution.

28% out of 100% is what i need tomorrow to pass. That’s the target. So realistically, i’ll be aiming to pass the exam (get 40%) and that will then allow me about 15% leeway for any over-estimating i’ve done (but i normally get it right to within 5-10% max). A very militant approach, but that’s what has to be done – it’s business.

After tomorrow’s exam, i’ll be focusing on my own projects & a few other sites i’m working on. They’ll keep me busy until about mid-january when i head back to college.

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