it’s showtime

thriller live

Over the past couple of weeks my girlfriend has bought us tickets to Derren Brown’s ‘Svengali’ show next March and Thriller Live (this September). Before the year is out we’ll also be going to Katy Perry & Rihanna concerts in the o2…

Keeping it local

I’ve never been to the new Grand Canal Theatre or even the ‘new’ o2, but i’ll be seeing plenty of them over the next year or so. Whenever we’re over in London we’ll usually make a point of going to see a show in the west end, it’s almost tradition now… i think i’ve only ever seen one show in Ireland and even that was some crappy play we had to go to as part of our leaving cert english studies. Having to dissect plots and sub plots and answer questions afterwards sucks all the fun out of sitting in those seats. Ironically i’ll write about all of these shows and ‘review’ them in my own way but i don’t have to worry about being docked marks for going off topic or criticising things for no reason 🙂 I can slap up a few photos, say i had a great time and that’s my homework done. I don’t think i’ll be meeting any school groups though at Thriller Live or Katy Perry, education isn’t supposed to be entertaining which is why you’ll find the school groups at these serious Shakespeare plays.

Master of persuasion

Derren Brown is someone i enjoy watching. He’s probably the one guy on TV that could drag me away from a computer. Him and Peter Griffin. He’s just an all round smart guy and uses his superior knowledge to mess with people. The sort of guy you don’t want to mess with….

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