it’s official, i’m getting an iphone

better late than never

I’ve been meaning to get myself an iphone 4 since they first came out a couple of months ago. Next month however, i’ll almost certainly be getting my hands on one…

Although i’m not actually doing an iphone development module in college this year (the course wasn’t approved in time), i still think that once i get my hands on an iphone i’ll naturally take an interest in apps development.

Learning to build my own iphone apps is still something i want to do, it’s just gonna take a bit longer than i expected. As things stand i don’t have time to learn a new programing language and mess about with apps. So it could well be next summer by the time i gather enough free time to invest in learning how to develop iphone apps for myself.

Although three are the cheapest, i’m already with o2 plus most of my calls and texts go out to other o2 numbers. If i’m paying €40/month for a bill phone, i don’t want anything on top of that so i reckon if i go with o2, that’s all i’ll be paying.

That makes it easy for me to estimate how much the phone will cost over 18 months. €720 in bills plus €259 for the phone. €979 over 18 months = €54.38 per month. Sounds expensive but if i were to buy the phone sim free or prepay, it would cost about €600 and i’d have NO free calls or texts or data bundles. I’d have to constantly top up like i do at the minute.

So really, i’m paying €379 for all my calls, texts & data transfers for the next 18 months. That’s €21/month which is probably what i pay at the minute on prepay… Anyway, over the next few weeks i’ll be popping in to o2 and finally getting an iphone 4. My n95 (which i’ve now had for about 3.5 years) will most likely be getting envirofone‘d.

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