it’s good to clean…

I’ve just spent the past few hours cleaning out my car and room 😎

For my car, i just took all the rubbish out of the doors and on the dash etc… paper parking tickets, bottles, wrappers etc.. they somehow build up over time without you really noticing. I gave the dash and steering wheel / radio etc… a bit of a scrub and also put vinegar on the wipers and window, then washed off with newspaper (the best window cleaning solution ever!).

So that was the car done, my room was a mess, so i had to tidy it up next. I have about 3 black sacks full of crap that need to be thrown out. Mainly old school stuff and folders etc… I’ll just dump the lot. I hate hanging on to things.

I also unhooked my speakers and marked out the area which will be my new desk. I did this because i need to know how much room i’ll have for the dual 20″ monitors and where i can place the speakers.


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