It’s easy to SEO…

I often think to myself, how the hell can sites like this one get ranked highly for big keywords. I’ll often see blogs or junk sites ranking highly for keywords i’m searching for and a part of me becomes very angry but also jealous.

However i’ve learned a few tricks over the past few months and i can prove it. Search for ‘digital tools and gadgets’ in Google. Who ranks number 1?? 😀

That’s right – I’ve managed to come 1st place out of over 8 million results. Ahead of big sites like,,… It’s remarkable really. A guy like me on a blog like this with little or no traffic, few incoming links and an advertsiing budget of $0 can bounce’s head of the floor for? certain keywords 😉

I must write up a beginners guide on how to rank highly in google and seo your blog, i’ll put it in my to-do list. Anyway, it’s clear to me Google loves wordpress and if you update your blog daily and use basic SEO techniques, you’ll soon be getting organic traffic from google search results.

P.S. on average my posts take about 48hrs to index in Google which is remarkable. Yahoo, Msn and the rest aren’t so generous. So the bottom line is; wordpress + daily posts + basic SEO = Google indexing and high ranking.

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