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These days my hands are very much tied by college. I’ve about 3 months left which is nothing in the grand scheme of things but i could do quite a lot right now if i wasn’t in college…

Leaving Cert Madness

Every day this week, has been getting over 1.5k unique visits per day. Whilst that’s a drop in the ocean for many sites, we’re not used to that. Traffic has almost tripled since this time last year and last year i was saying the same thing about the year before…

So there’s no doubt about it, this stuff is getting ‘hotter’ and i’m extremely disappointed that i can’t manufacture a way to invest more of my time in to it. The way i see it is that i’ve worked on the site in ‘bursts’ and every now and then injected new life in to it. I’ve had to do that because i can’t sit down and work on the site for any great length of time when i’m in college. College takes over and it’s always on my mind.

14/365 (Rough Day at Work)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Cavocorax

But even just working in bursts every few months, the site has grown consistently. So obviously when i do sit down and work on it, i’m doing something right. I think now the site is at the stage where it’s known to any leaving cert student online. They’ll have seen it if they’re searching for anything work related.

The next step for us is to get those guys coming back and interacting more. How do we do that? We just give me time and allow me to put my plans in to action. But that’s the hard bit… finding the time for it all. I’m confident any new features we introduce will work…. and by work i mean they’ll increase traffic & encourage more interaction. My next week off from college? Easter.


Between, a group business plan i have to come up with for a college module and another venture i’ve only recently started working on, it looks like i’ll be involved in a start up business of some kind from May onwards.

Revtank Outtakes
Creative Commons License photo credit: MiiiSH

That could change, i might decide to play it safe and get a job somewhere (in Ireland) to get experience and security but the more i think about it the more i think that would be a foolish move. Even though i don’t think any job in IT will ever be ‘safe’, it’s a lot safer working for someone else in comparison to working for yourself. Right now i don’t fear working for myself and i’ve nothing stopping me from doing that so if i were to look back in years to come and ask myself ‘when would have been the best time to try and set up a business?’, i’m pretty sure i’d say now, straight out of college. It’s a time when there’s no pressure on my shoulders from anyone other than myself. No house, no family (well, wife, kids etc…), so failure now would be much less painful than failure after having quit a secure job. And never going it alone i’d class as failure too, because i’d always regret it.

Anyway, that’s 3 months down the line. As stupid as it sounds, that’s ‘long term’ for me. Right now, i want these 3 months to pass quickly so i can get my productive time back.

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