Italian soccer ‘fans’..

Watching the Roma -v- Man Utd champions league first leg quarter final tonight.

The last time an english club went there, 3 came home stabbed and there was a bit of crowd trouble.

Similar story tonight. Utd fans and Roma fans were seperated by a large metal fence. Utd fans were taunted after Roma scored, some Utd fans reacted. The police came in and battered the living daylights out of the Utd fans 🙄 Guys holding their arms/legs as if badly bruised, being carried away by fellow fans, blood on shirts, faces… It’s the usual story.

Just a few months ago, a policeman was killed as a result of the same thing… A few weeks ago, we had an Italian side involved in fisticuffs on the pitch after losing a match…

Then if we go further back, there was the whole match fixing scandal in which 3 or 4 top Italian sides were relegated and fined, basically making a farce of Italian football. They may be the current world cup champions, but it’s only a matter of time imo, before Italian side’s are banned from european football if they don’t clean up their act.

That’s obviously the worst case scenario. Realistically, they’ll be fined peanuts by uefa and given a slap across the wrists. When will they ever learn 👿 if uefa were as ‘zero tolerence’ as the Italian police, Italian fans would cause no trouble whatsoever as they’d be putting their side’s future in europe at risk.

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