IT courses – nobody doing them..

I’ll probably be going to college in September and doing an IT course..

To be quite honest, i don’t care what the job prospects are.. i never look at a job sector and say ‘hmm.. i think this sector has the jobs or has the most potential’.

Even if there were ZERO IT jobs available in Ireland, i’d still be doing an IT course. I like computers, i like technology and i’m confident i can be a success working in that industry.

It doesn’t matter how many jobs are going, the bottom line is i believe i’ve got the talent and workrate to grab them above other people.

Now on to these stats and IT prospects in Ireland.. well, i’ve no doubt the IT industry can only grow further. The dot com crash of 2000/1 will have scared a few people but just look at where we’re at now just a few years later.. look at the amount of cash being invested and thrown about in start ups.. Look at Google’s profits, their seemingly never ending supply of new products and services..

The bebo’s, youtube’s, myspaces’s, digg’s of this world have all shot up overnight into multi million dollar supersites. You can’t tell me this industry isn’t the hottest place to be right now 😉

The bottom line is; if you’re the best at what you do in anything IT related, there will be plenty of people after you both now and in the future 😎 Of course, it’s not as stable as working in a bank or as a police officer, but then again, look at the flip side… you work in a bank, you’ve got a catchment area of a limited number of people.

You work for /own a dotcom business and in a large number of cases you have a potential market of over 100m people globally.. as i keep saying, you only need a fraction of that to succeed.

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  1. I think with your current computer skills ( which you demonstrate on your sites/blog) You will find a computer course very simple and boring. They teach simple VB programming and normally MS Office skills.

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