is ‘like’ the future?


Liking things is a good thing. If i say i like chocolate, you’ll remember that and buy me some or offer some if you’re trying to impress me. Liking the same things is essentially how people form & sustain relationships.

So has facebook played a masterstroke by making everything ‘likeable’? I think so. You can now like this blog post. You can now like status updates or comments. You can like products, services, companies, people…

That data is being underused right now, but *if* it were to be the foundation for a search engine algorithm, it would surely be a hit. Obviously in terms of advertisements, it’s also extremely useful. If i ‘like’ chocolate, obviously i’m likely to click on chocolate related ads -v- someone who doesn’t like chocolate. So i get relevant, interesting ads and other people get ads to suit their taste. Advertisers get targeted customers, facebook get money. It’s a winning combination.

The most popular things are not necessarily the best, but most of the time, they are. is basically a collection of links that people like. The most liked links get more exposure.

It means the good stuff snowballs in popularity stakes. The bad stuff is stopped dead in it’s tracks. Sure, you have people who try to manipulate the results but in general community rating features work. Whether it’s star ratings, thumbs up, or ‘likes’, they all do the same thing.

However a simple like button is much more self explanatory than a ‘digg’ or a 5 star rating system. It’s black and white. You like something or you don’t. It’s simple, but it’s genius because it’s so simple…

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