Is it bcuz i’s black?

I was given a link today by one of my lecturers which i thought was pretty cool, dunno how i didn’t stumble upon it earlier though, maybe you guys have.


It’s one of those ‘why didn’t i think of that’ moments where i start kicking myself. The site/idea would take like 5 minutes to put up, and it’s a current PR6, 5k Alexa Rank etc..

It’s basically a black google – no, not in the racist sense, but in the literal sense 😎

Our monitors all have ‘dots’ or ‘pixels’ in them, millions of them. If you turn all the pixels off, it saves a tiny bit of energy and the pixels will appear as black. Some genius did the math and reckoned a black google would save thousands of $$$$$ per year.

So here we have it, :mrgreen: The energy efficient google. Pretty cool i have to say, even though it took 2 minutes to throw up the site and non of it is original :mrgreen:

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