is it all in the design?

I’m of the opinion that design is the single most important aspect of any website. Due to the split second decision making involved in viewing and browsing websites, if a website looks good i’m more likely to stay on it longer.

Tata Indicom 3
Creative Commons License photo credit: azwaldo

I must record it someday, but i reckon i view about 200 websites + every day. There are a regular bunch of about 10-20 and after that, depending on what mood i’m in, i can rack up hundreds of others. 

I’ll spend about 3 seconds looking at a new site and subconsciously deciding whether it’s of value to me or not, mainly basing my decision on 3 things – domain name, design and first bits of text i see. If any of the 3 are not to my liking, i’ll move on.

It’s the same on twitter when i go to add someone. I’ll look at their bio first of all, their url (if they have one) and last few tweets – that’s my formula. Takes about 5 seconds to do all that. Speed is very important to me. I like to do things quickly and move at a fast pace when i’m browsing… i like to hit myself with as much information as possible.

Design though, heavily influences me. I’m a sucker for a great looking website. In fact, i’ll bookmark websites if the design stands out – doesn’t matter about what the site is about. That’s why i’ve bought myself a photoshop book – i want to learn how to use photoshop and create great designs – i’m not worried about being able to design – i know i can, i just can’t master photoshop.

The book will arrive later in the week and i’ll use it as a base to learn from. Today, i’ve downloaded THOUSANDS of actions, styles, brushes etc… and installed them on photoshop. I’m already drooling at the thought of being able to do anything when it comes to photoshop…

Expect a lot of demo’s and wacky designs over the next while… i’ll ultimately be creating a portfolio type spin off site on this blog where i can store all of this stuff.

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