Irish Blog Awards 2009

The Irish Blog awards take place in the Cork International Airport hotel on 21st February. As the name might suggest, this is an annual awards night for Irish blogs/bloggers that’s been going on now for a few years now.

iba09-nominated-180(pic courtesy eolai)

There’s a whole range of categories from ‘best fashion blog’ to ‘best humour blog’… for a full list check out this post. That post also contains a list of nominations for each category and i’m delighted to say that this blog is amongst the nominations for ‘best personal blog’ :mrgreen:

I didn’t put myself forward 😉 So whoever nominated me, it’s greatly appreciated. I’m up against 79 other bloggers in that category so it’s high unlikely i’ll get beyond the nomination stage but even so, it’s nice to be nominated and shows that i must be doing something right.

To all the other bloggers, best of luck and may the best best man or woman win 🙂 I’m also finding dozens of new Irish blogs through that nominations post, so if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, those blogs ‘oughta keep you occupied for a while 😉

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