Ireland -v- France

This time next week i’ll be preparing to fly out to Paris. Next wednesday, i’ll be in the Stade De France watching Ireland take on France with a place in the world cup finals next summer up for grabs. The previous Saturday, i’ll have been in Croke Park watching what will hopefully turn out to be an Irish victory or credible draw (0-0 would be the ‘best’ draw).

Stade de France
Creative Commons License photo credit: dlxcore

So it’s a festival of football ahead with a lot at stake for both sides. Nothing less than qualifying will be accepted by the French. Not making it to a world cup is unthinkable for a side like France, and there’ll be a few heads on plates and retirements should Ireland beat them. Which would be great of course for us 🙂

Although the whole purpose of the trip is purely for the football, it will also be my first time in Paris, probably not my last either. I’ll have my TZ7 with me so i’ll be hoping to take hundreds of pictures and a bit of video too.

I should get around all the major attractions and hopefully there’ll be a sea of green around the city to make us feel at home. I was in Stuttgart in 2006 for a match against Germany and then in Cardiff, Wales for a match the following year. This will be my third away Irish match and hopefully it’ll end with a good result.

Get a decent result this Saturday in Dublin and there’ll be a fantastic built up all week. I’ll predict a 1-1 draw in Dublin and a 0-0 or 1-0 defeat in France… either way i can’t see us qualifying if France raise their game. When big results are needed, big players perform and unfortunately there’s more of them in blue than green. Still, the French have been looking shaky recently and if they fail to score in Dublin, it’ll heap a lot of pressure on them for the return leg in France in front of a demanding packed house.

6 thoughts on “Ireland -v- France”

  1. Hi Sean,

    I'm hopeful! but whatever the result the occasion should be great. Enjoy Paris, and make sure the French know you're there! (want to hear them stands shaking!)



    PS: Flying Ryanair? 🙂

  2. of course 🙂 hard to beat 1c fares 😉 although i don't like their style of doing business, i've never had any problems with them (yet)!

    if prices & flight times were the same, i'd be flying with another airline!

  3. well we had the flights booked before the draw was made.. so it was a gamble that paid off but at 1c each way, we were never gonna be out much if the draw didn't go our way!!

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