ipod fanboys clogging up the net..

Today apple announced their new ipods. *Yawn*

They’re basically iphones only they’re not phones, but look exactly like them and uses all of that touch screen technology.

Big deal, get over it πŸ™„

It’s plastered all over digg and on all the major tech sites, some featuring ‘live updates’ from the conference πŸ™„
I have an ipod, doesn’t mean i feel the need to orgasm over this news and start queuing outside my local apple shop 😎

These guys really annoy me. Apple annoys me. Not because of their products, but because of all the hype and hysteria in the media/on forums over every single product or service they launch 😑

Apple are the David Beckham of footballers. Hyped up to the extent that we’re lead to believe he is in fact GOD when really he’s just an average footballer with one or two bits of skill.

8 thoughts on “ipod fanboys clogging up the net..”

  1. I agree to an extent.

    The iPhone, imo, is pointless… a phone is a phone. The iPhone is a “media center” – I don’t want my phone to be that, I want my phone to me a phone. I have my iPod and my stereo to play music. The Nokia N95 is much better at being a phone than the iPhone (and more useful too)

    The “iPod touch” looks good – but is too small (8GB & 16GB), overpriced, and touch screen? No thanks, I wouldn’t want mine, or anyone elses, greasy fingers touching it!

  2. exactly, touch screen is luxury, holiday type technology.. that isn’t clever enough to replace traditional buttons (yet).

    for someone with big fingers, try texting or typing in a url into an iphone without making any errors. On a traditional button mobile device like the n95, it’s flawless.

    ok, you can use a stylus, but that isn’t always convenient for example on a crowded street where in order to do that, it’s impossible to do it discreetly.

    when your sweating it out in the hussle and bustle of daily life, most people don’t have time to be messing about with touch screens..

    they want buttons. quick simple, no accidental clicks.. that’s my opinion. simple always wins.

    also, why would anyone buy an ipod now, when the iphone does the exact same thing? why not open up the iphone to all networks and get rid of the ipod completely?

  3. @ Okapi, i mean they’re stylish, highly sought after and a big media circus follows them around no matter what they do..

  4. I’ve never liked ipods, mainly because of the media hype about them, and people who own one always seem to think it’s the greatest piece of kit around, without having a clue about anything else.
    Someday I’m afraid I’ll have to conform though. πŸ˜•

  5. Ò€œApple are the David Beckham of footballers.Ò€

    great line and so true. ill have to start using it and pass it off as my own πŸ˜‰

  6. ” i mean theyÒ€ℒre stylish, highly sought after and a big media circus follows them around no matter what they do..”

    and not forgetting… they’re pretty damn good too πŸ˜‰

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