iphone 4, two days in


I’ve only had my iphone for just over 48 hours now but i’m already starting to love it more and more as time goes on. It’s yet to freeze or do anything it’s not supposed to so that gives me great confidence in it’s reliability… but i’d expect nothing less from a device worth about €600…

Touch screens aren’t so bad

One of my big problems with any touchscreen phone is just that…. it’s a touchscreen phone. I don’t like them. It would probably take me years of non stop touchscreen use to get up to the same speed i can type at on a regular keyboard. I’ve been typing for about 15 years on traditional keyboards so i’m naturally gonna be slower with any touch screen device.

However, i’ve been surprised how quickly i’ve adapted to the touchscreen on the iphone. I reckon i’m almost as fast as with a normal phone keypad. And that’s just after a couple of days. It’s not all praise for the touchscreen though… one major problem i have is that if you type in something and don’t notice it, it’s difficult to move the cursor back to a specific letter in a specific word. It requires a great deal of precision so realistically you have to have still fingers and be using both hands, not be in a moving vehicle etc… I’m sure i’ll get used to little things like that though. I’ll learn how to hold it properly and adjust to it’s sensitivity – at the minute i’m still just getting to grips with that stuff.


One of the main reasons why i bought an iphone was because of it’s apps. And i haven’t been let down… i know many are also available on android but i’m new to the whole apps thing.

Some of my favourite paid apps are ‘Shazam‘ and ‘Sleep Cycle‘. Mindblowingly good. Here’s how i slept last night / this morning until my alarm went off… I do remember being half awake at 8am but i don’t remember the spikes at 7am or 10am / 11am. I can learn a great deal from this stuff over a long period of time…

Sleep habits

Anyway, i’m still just getting used to whole iphone and app thing. Just a couple of days in and i’m already pleased with it. Worth every cent.

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  1. it senses movement, so you place it on your mattress… obviously if you’re tossing and turning about the place you’re awake… if you’re still for 5 minutes it’s safe to assume your asleep 🙂

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