iphone 4 irish launch date?

iphone 4 july 23rd

The only official word from apple so far on an iphone 4 launch date in Ireland is ‘before the end of july’. However rumor has it the launch date will be July 23rd…

Whilst the iphone 4 has hit the UK & the USA already, us small timers have to make do with a later launch date. We’ll be launching the iphone 4 simultaneously with countries like Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy… according to some reports employees have been asked to come in early on july 23rd, plus they can’t book that day off work.



If that is indeed the case, apple will be confirming the launch date very soon… they have to. We can probably expect official word this week and the hype and queues outside shops will start soon after.

Despite having a pretty HUGE flaw with the antenna, the iphone 4 is still being snapped up by apple’s ever growing fan base. I plan on getting one but i might wait it out and see how they deal with this antenna flaw. Or at least wait until i see more reports & reviews on it. It could just be over hyped or particularly bad with a certain batch… time will tell.

Anyway, the iphone 4 will be hitting Irish shores shortly and July 23rd is the unconfirmed launch date…

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  1. I heard a rumour from an 'informed source' that the release date was July 24th. Either way, can't wait and will have to get time off work to go queue for mine!!!

  2. Sean,

    Do you think it will be sold anywhere here Sim Free on the 23rd?

    Usually the Irish Telecom Networks take a while to offer it to customers.


  3. i'd imagine any iphones sold on launch date will be pre-ordered / new monthly contracts only… all networks make more money that way than by selling sim free, so if stock is in short supply (which it will be), naturally they're gonna make the most out of it 😉

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