iphone 4 hits irish shelves today

it's here

The iphone 4 is now available in Ireland officially from today. Despite that little problem with reception loss, it’s expected to do quite well…

Vodafone, o2, three… take your choice of network. Buying it sim free will set you back about €600, so an 18 month contract is probably the smarter buy, depending on how much you use it of course.

It comes in both black and white (16GB & 32GB) although the white isn’t available yet. I’m going to rob three.ie’s comparison chart to compare prices across all three networks;

compare iphone prices

The cheapest 18 month contract including the phone price with all networks is;

  • 3: €929
  • Vodafone: €909
  • o2: €979

On paper, 3 looks best… you get more stuff for your money. However, they’re the smallest of the 3 operators. I’ll probably pick up an iphone at some stage but i think i’ll wait it out a bit longer.

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  1. Got one today and while it is good, if you have 4.0.1 on 3GS there's not a huge benefit in increasing. I've been using 4.0. And 4.0.1 since it was launched and didn't notice much difference today. The retina display is really good, very clear and the camera is excellent. It's nicer to hold in your hand, sits better. Same speed at opening apps and browsing from messages to e-mails. Overall – unless you're a fanboy like me or your old phone is giving you bother, I'd hold on to it

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