ipad humour

Although most new products from a big company will always take a bashing, the ipad is getting quite a roasting… One of the most flawless launches i can think of was windows 7 – it was a really good example of what initial positive publicity does – it leads to more positive publicity and more hype, ultimately more sales. You really don’t want to launch something, get a negative reaction and try to dig your way out of it… just look what happened to vista.


Although these videos are made for the craic and nobody really cares how the ipad does, i’d imagine this is all damaging the ipad’s reputation already and will perhaps sow seeds of doubt in to the minds of potential buyers.

It’s flaws are getting highlighted time and time again and unlike the iphone or ipod touch, this is competing directly against netbooks (i think that was a big mistake jobs made when launching it) so apple are facing a backlash from netbook owners and microsoft lovers because this is seen as an ‘invasion’ or attack on technology which people already like and have in their ownership. People can get very defensive over technology in their possession which is only natural, but apple seem to have really hit a cord with the ipad.

This could all be positive of course for sales – maybe the extra hype and publicity will work in apple’s favour but judging by the reaction around the web from people on the street and tech journalists, the ipad isn’t going to ‘fit in’ to people’s lives…. yet.

Anyway, although i have a big problem with this ‘war against netbooks’ apple has started, the ipad is still a very attractive piece of kit. I just think apple have sold it completely wrong. They’re almost selling it as an alternative to the netbook but both devices are not similar in any way…

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