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An hour or so ago i put in place a 301 (permanent) redirect from to The merger between and is now complete…

This is all unofficial stuff, you guys are the first to see the new site and we’ll be keeping it low key for another while yet. We’re still working on and various other features so we’re still a long way off a ‘complete’ revamp, but this is the start of something special.

We’re in the process of recruiting new bloggers and we’ll have a minimum of 10 from all over the country. Although looks incredibly simplistic, there’s a lot going on. A lot of customizing was needed to help us organize and manage content and make things a little more user friendly for our bloggers.

The new logo is my own work but Enda came up with the idea… he outclassed me on the idea front and i’ll hold my hands up and admit. Up until last week i’d spent days and days working on a new logo but just couldn’t get anything that suited. I sent many samples on to Enda and a few minutes later he had come up with his own variation in ms paint which i immediately said ‘yes’ to. This new logo is pretty clever although i’m not sure we’re getting the most out of it so it may change slightly over the coming weeks. I’ll dedicate a full post later on to the logo and how we came up with it.

So at long last you get to see *some* of what i’ve been working hard on for the last couple of weeks. As i’ve said before, it’s not all guaranteed to improve things for us. 90% of our traffic comes from google so messing about with new subdomains & 301 redirects isn’t a smart thing to do. It’s a damage limitation exercise in the short term, but longer term i think we’re doing the right thing in terms of SEO and i’ll explain why once everything is complete…

Feedback is welcome as always!

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