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One of our users on pointed out an annoying little bug in IE7. It was a css bug in our drop down site switcher menu. Normally i just run checks in but of course that can’t pick up errors in drop down menus…

So i had to go about finding a way to run IE7. Could i run it in a virtual environment? Yes, but that’s a bit messy. Ideally i didn’t want to have to install IE7 on my PC, so instead i was searching for websites that allowed you to run IE7 on their server.

Then eventually i came across an article explaining that you can run IE7 inside IE8. All out of the box, no installing anything. To do so;

  • open up IE8
  • Tools
  • Developer Tools
  • Browser Mode
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • start browsing as if you were using IE7

Now i probably came across this before but it’s been so long since i had a proper look at IE8 that i’ve forgotten all the best bits about it. Or the not so crappy bits – yes, that’s a better way of putting it.


Another reason to use IE8 is for the print preview tool. Chrome has no print preview at all which is criminal and firefox only has a basic one which isn’t very accurate. So IE8 wins here. And that’s about the only thing it wins at.

So in a very rare blog post, IE8 gets some love from me. I’ve now have two reasons to use it – for testing in IE7 and for print previewing.

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  1. I find IETester by mydebugbar really good for testing all versions of ie. You can run ie5.5, ie6, ie7, ie8 and ie9 beta in the one browser. It is really handy when you want to use firefox or chrome as your browser but still have the option to view your websites in all the ies for testing.

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