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Earlier today google announced ‘google instant‘ – yes that’s right, instant search results…

It’s pretty clear they’ve really started to take speed serious over the past couple of years but this takes the biscuit….

Results appear as you type. No need to press return or click on the search button (on a sidenote, who actually clicks on the button?!). At the minute, it only works in and you need to be logged in to your google account to try it, but no doubt we’ll all see it sometime soon.

google instant

I noticed google have also center aligned (or at least left padded) their results page which is another massive move. I’ve always hated left aligned websites. is a good example of a popular left aligned website. I instantly think ‘ugly’ when i see a left aligned website. Everything should be centered. It’s more pleasing on the eye.

If i’m happier with a website surely i’m more likely to buy stuff on it or sign up for something… if google are switching to center aligned results, you can bet there’s good reason for it. Anyway, another hammer blow to bing and another reason why google can’t and won’t be touched any time soon. They’re just too good when it comes to search.

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