Increasing the pace

Yesterday i made 4 blog posts, that’s enough to match any full time blogger.. now that i’m doing this full time, i’m well aware I *should* be able to squeez more posts in to a day.

So this week will be interesting.. hopefully i can keep up this pace and really put the foot down. Seeing that i’m a predicted PR5 is a huge motivator now with about 3 months until the next update.. so in the back of my mind, i’m thinking PR6. That would be a huge achievement.

I could potentially live off it – (well, i mean live off it by college standards 😉 ).

Finding things to blog about isn’t really a problem for me.. i’ve never had much difficulty with that. Time was always the issue, but now that i’ve got loads of free time, it’s a real possibility i could be posting 3/4 times a day every day.

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