immune to failure

Yesterday, i got the results back from a maths exam and passed the exam – i thought i’d failed for sure.

So my 100% pass rate in all exams is still intact and i’m only after realising i haven’t failed an exam yet of any description all year 🙂

That’s never a bad record to have and it’s a good habit to be getting in to.

I do make it very difficult for examiners to fail me in that i’ll answer every single question even if i’m just shooting from the hip. I also try to disguise the fact i don’t know something by preteneding i mis-read the question and then answer on a related topic i do know something about.

There are loads of little tricks i use… if i’m in two minds as to what the correct answer is, but i have two 50-50 answers in my head, i’ll put them both down and draw a few arrows around them to make it look like i’ve chosen an answer when in fact i’ve not 😀

So i’m very defensive like that, and make life difficult for examiners. I probably get attempt marks for all the above depending on what sort of mood the examiner is in… they could of course be hard ass and give me nothing.

I don’t buy this bull of ‘don’t leave the page blank, put something down..’ that can do damage to you if you really haven’t a clue about anything. I prefer my method of ‘if you don’t know the answer, bullshit about a related topic to prove you have learned something on the course’.

There’s always gray areas when it comes to marking schemes, so i try to take full advantage of them 😉

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