i’m skydiving on sunday

It’s now confirmed – i’ll be skydiving on Sunday (2 days away) if all goes according to plan. It’s been over a year since i first mentioned the idea but this will FINALLY be one thing i can stroke off my long term – ‘to do’ list.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Matthew V

I had always planned on skydiving this summer, but things ran slightly over schedule so it was a case of now or never as i didn’t want to leave it any longer.

I’m looking forward to it. Not nervous yet and i probably won’t be until i actually get up there… maybe i won’t be nervous at all… it’s hard to visualize the situation, but being that high up i honestly don’t think i’ll ‘fear’ jumping…

Were it from a skyscraper or something it’d be different. A bungee jump with cement below you would be very different… but at 10k+ feet up i’ll be lucky if i can even see the ground with our overcast weather 🙂

It’s a tandem jump, which means i’ll be attached to a pro. I could have done a regular jump, but i wouldn’t get to freefall which apparently is the best part… Anyway, expect a big detailed post here on Sunday evening after i get back (if i get back!).

This is a once in a lifetime type thing and i’ll probably enjoy it, say i’ll do it again but never actually will… so i’ll be doing my best to describe it in detail and take everything in. I’ll have pictures and possibly video too.

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