I’m off today wohoo!

I know some of you guys envy my lifestyle, particularly those doing the leaving cert or in full time day jobs – suckers 😆


Well, maybe you don’t envy my finances or future prospects etc… but you can’t beat being in college and not having a real day job 😈

Yesterday for example, i had a couple of classes in the morning, strolled about for lunch, went to maths class but the lecturer never showed up, was due to have another class with different lecturer but lecturer was off, spent 2 hours drinking/chilling in the college bar from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, then messed about on computers and fireworks/photoshop until about 4.45pm when i got bored and decided to go home 😛

This is the life.. not only am i loving what course i’m doing and the college i’m in, i’m good at it and can afford to skip a few classes here and there 😆

I complain a lot, but underneath it all i’m loving my life at the minute. Yeah, the money is drying up and i’ll have to change that some how, but i believe hapiness comes first. I wasn’t happy when i had a job and was earning cash, but i am now.

If i can keep my work rate up, start building more projects and investing more time and energy into my ideas and sites, i’m confident the rewards will come at some stage be it a year down the line or 5 years down the line. Patience and persistence is all that’s required, i have the brains and the ability 😎

Today will be the first day since i started college that i take off… i’ve missed about 7 or 8 classes in total for various reasons, but never taken a full day off. Why am i off today?

Because i only have one hour long lecture and nobody will turn up to it. It would mean i’d have to drive for an hour up to college, then an hour back, just for that one lecture. Not worth it. Instead, i’ll be doing something very productive online which i’ll blog about later…

But the point i want to get across is that life is all about making decisions and knowing when to cut your losses. I *could* and *should* go in to college as it’s ultimately enhancing my skills/earnings potential, but i’ve weighed it up and made a reasonable decision. It will free up my day which in turn will allow to me get creative and comfortable…

So what am i doing with my day? I’ll blog about it later, but it’s another challenge or ‘kick up the backside‘ as i call it to get me working and pushing myself again 😉 I know myself better than anyone and am my biggest critique. What happened to smemon – the entrepreneur? Well, he’s back from today on 😈

8 thoughts on “I’m off today wohoo!”

  1. I envy you 😛 Being a university student does rock. I was in the same situation from 2001 to 2006 (5 years) and I think it’s safe to say it was the best time of my life. I also had very few classes and a LOT of free time! Right now, I’m at a full time job and although life isn’t bad, I do still miss my student time.

    You say you drive an hour to school. Why aren’t you at a dorm? My home to school distance was around 45 minutes and I lived at a dorm the whole 5 years. Living at a dorm as a student is so much better. Even more free time and a lot of fun with your dorm mates 🙂 Also, you will probably have a much bigger chance at meeting like-minded people.

  2. i won’t say how much it is until i have it all complete and up working 😉

    Why don’t i stay on campus? good question. The short answer is money. It will save me a few grand in the long run..

    I guess that’s my boring business mind taking over :mrgreen: I also have a car and a full licence so it would be a bit of a waste not using it as i’d be paying a bomb in tax/insurance anyway…

    I am enjoying it all though at the minute… everyone is so laid back that you don’t feel you’re ‘working’ or learning 😎

  3. I don’t know how students are stimulated financially in Ireland, but here in Belgium, money almost never is a problem for University students. They want to give everyone a fair chance. An average dorm costs somewhere between 100 and 300 per month, depending on how much luxuary and space you want (mine was around 150). If you can cook, it costs between 50 to 150 per month. During my whole University carreer, I received a monthly scholarschip of around 300 to 400. If you get your degree in the end, you don’t have to pay anything back. There were months when I actually made money 🙂 Of course, the students with rich parents never got any scholarschip.

    Oh god, do I miss that time! 🙁 A handfull of hours in classes every week and the rest of the time was spent working on school projects, studying in the library or at my dorm, partying, playing games on the dorm LAN, cooking, fitness and watching movies, lots of movies. I completely agree with the text in that picture in your post 🙂

  4. Accomodation is about 320/month, i’d say food/drink etc.. would double that to 640. Add in bus costs up/down to home at the weekend and you’re looking at the guts of 700/month to stay away.

    For me, all i have to pay is petrol 😎 around 200/month. So that’s why i stay at home. (I have my car/insurance/tax paid for for the year as i saved like a mad man for 3 years when in work).

    Of course we do get a grant, but that depends of parents income etc.. i get a 75% grant which = about 2600 over the year. The top grant you can get is around 6200.

  5. i got lazy! but that’s all changing as you’ll see from my latest post “10 new sites”.. i need to give myself a kick up the backside and that’s what i’m doing 😈

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