I’m now on meteor…

Yesterday, i made the switch to Meteor..

I also have to say i convinced 7 other people to switch from o2 :mrgreen: I understand meteor have about 20% market share of the mobile networks. Don’t be surprised to see that figure rise to 30% soon.

Advantages over o2?

  • 300 webtexts (o2 give you 250)
  • FREE to call a best friend FOR LIFE
  • FREE meteor -meteor texts FOR LIFE
  • FREE to receive a call in the UK
  • Cheaper romaing rates when in the UK.
  • Cheaper texts than o2 (9c compared to 11 or 13c)
  • Cheaper calls overall… flat rates of 20c/25c to anywhere/anytime..

They’re some of the reasons i switched. o2, if you’re listening, the only way you’ll win us back is by beating meteor, not by matching them.

I have to shame o2 here and they’re sneaky tactics… they tried to keep me on o2 by giving me a 20c anytime tariff.. it’s not available to the general public, basically they only give you it in a last ditch attempt to keep your custom.

No thanks o2, by doing that you just gave me another reason to switch – sneakyness/greedyness. 🙄

4 thoughts on “I’m now on meteor…”

  1. Before you fall head over heels in love with a company who thought it wise to invite Jeb Bush to Ireland last year, you might want to take a couple of things into account. Meteor have cheaper rates because they piggy back on the masts of another mobile service provider. Give you one guess who that provider is. DING DING DING. That’s right; O2. Should O2 ever decide to cancel that agreement, you will see a sharp rise in your mobile charges. I don’t represent anyone but I know a bit about these things. You are only charged roaming rates in the UK when you are on speakeasy. O2 and Vodafone don’t charge roaming rates in the UK anymore. As far as the tariff you were offered, I have no idea why you would turn that down and then speak of it as if it is a bad thing. You must work for Meteor or something.

  2. On the off chance, I called both Vodafone and O2 about the offer that was allegedly made to you. They both confirmed what I already knew. They won’t offer any special offers for pay as you go customers because it would require creating a one-off price band just for you. I spoke to managers of the care centers of both companies and they completely rejected the notion that they would incur such expensive external resources simply to stop someone porting to another network. The fact is, and this might be hard to take, that no mobile company will go out of their way to keep a customer who is essentially not making the company any money. This is understandable, rational and right. They might make an offer to a contract customer in order to retain them. Generally, pay as you go customers who, like you, top up by maybe twenty euro a month won’t set off any alarm bells should they decide to move networks. Meteor still haven’t reached agreement to piggyback on the masts of quite a lot of rural areas and so their service is still quite limited. I personally think that every mobile network in this country needs a major shake up but, having been three of them, including Meteor – with whom I had a brief and extremely unsatisfactory relationship – I would put O2 head and shoulders above the rest.

  3. well i can give you my word i was offered this special tariff 20c/anytime.. tbh i didn’t look into it as i’d made my mind up and that angered me further- the fact they only offered me the tariff because i was switching…

    if you don’t believe me, have a look over on boards.ie (mobiles/pda forum) – there are a few people there who have been offered this.. but when current customers rang up, they (o2) denied they knew anything about it. You can’t tell me that’s a good way of doing business 😛

    the bottom line is meteor are cheaper for me 😉 their every rising market share suggests i’m not alone in thinking they are the cheapest network.

    nobody cares what masts they use or who is in charge.. but people care when it hits them in the pocket. o2 put up their daytime charges recently 😉 The bottom line is that they have the cheapest rates and i’ve highlighted those rates in a previous post.

    3 years ago i bought a meteor phone purely for the phone. Ditched the sim card, didn’t even use the credit and unlocked the phone. Times have changed and meteor are no longer the outsiders they once were.

  4. I’m meteor too, and I do love it.
    And now we can text for free, staying up late chatting about boys and make up and stuff. Excited much?

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