I’m now Google Analytics Qualified

analytics qualified individual

After my blog post last night, i decided to finish off the google analytics exam. I guesstimated i got roughly 60 questions right with about 67 done, so i just took a wild stab at 3 questions which i’d marked as ‘dodgy’ where in my eyes there could have been several right answers. In the end, i got 88% which means i answered 61.6 questions correctly…

My reward? Sleep. I had put pressure on myself yesterday with statements like “Will i pass it? Yes” and “I’ll up my work rate because i know that failing twice isn’t acceptable”. It always comes across as incredibly confident or arrogant and you can rightly question where my confidence comes from if i failed it first time around…

But pressurizing myself like that works for me. It gets results. When i fail something, i’m disappointed but i know that i’m capable of doing better… i believe that no matter what you throw at me, i can master it given time. And i have to believe that to respond well to failure. Is it true? I don’t know but i don’t really care either…

All i know is that changing my mindset and to one of revenge (driven by the fear of repeating mistakes) always improves my results. The question is – how can i get in to that state of mind first time around :mrgreen:

analytics qualified

Anyway, you’re looking at the 76th person in the country that can claim they’ve passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. 44 of those 76 are Google employees (or at least list ‘Google’ as their company). You can check out a full list of names here.

What good is this qualification? Not much good at all to me right now, but i figured you’re better with it than without it. As soon as i read about it on barry hand’s blog, it was something i had to do. Had i NOT done it or NOT passed it, it would have kept eating away at me until i did take it or until i did pass it. That’s just how i work.

2 thoughts on “I’m now Google Analytics Qualified”

  1. Good man, how did you find it though? That's what we want to know!!!!

    Did you find it tough to study?

  2. It was a lot tougher than i expected… loads of ecommerce stuff so you really need to have a good understanding of adsense too. You'll also need to be pretty handy with regular expressions!

    Although it's multiple choice, i'd often find that there could be several 'right' answers but google would want the 'best practice' answer which makes things tricky as you really need to read the tutorials & notes google provide in the learning center.

    It's definitely not the sort of exam you can just take and pass without any work… you need to be very familiar with analytics and ideally should have experience with adsense and hooking the two up together…

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