I’m now a flickr pro user

For the past few days, flickr had been reminding me about how i’d uploaded almost 200 images. Once you upload more than that, you lose the ability to view and control old images (you can only view your most recent 200).

Rossmore Park, Monaghan

Flickr Pro Membership is $25/year and removes those restrictions plus it gives you other little perks like tracking statistics and unlimited ‘sets’ (photo albums).

Because i now use flickr almost exclusively to host images for this blog (like the one above), they save me bandwidth plus offer a great service. The are some really cool flickr desktop and mobile tools not to mention wordpress plugins. Flickr is the king of image storage online and it’s one of the few online services i’m happy to pay for.

flickr pro user

At $25, i thought it was worth it – actually, i’d probably pay more for it but *shhh* don’t tell flickr that 😉

So now that i have unlimited uploads, i’ll be using the hell out of it and uploading literally hundreds of images i have here stored offline on my phone & PC’s. My flickr account can then act as a nice backup too for all my images.

You guys can expect loads more pictures and i also hope to add a creative commons license to them all so that other people can use them too provided they give me credit.

It’ll be a slow painful process though – organizing images offline is one thing… doing it online is a much slower process simply due to the fact they all have to be uploaded and tagged, described etc…

However it will be worth it. It encourages me to take pictures and it also gives you people a better insight in to my life which is ultimately one of the main goals of this blog.

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