i’m here but i’m not really


Right now i’m in London. Unfortunately my hotel doesn’t do free wifi, so rather than pay £100 for 10 minutes of internet access (slight exaggeration), i decided to leave my netbook at home and go without internet access for a few days…

But i’m still blogging away because i’m trying my best to protect a 200 day daily blogging streak. It’s not easy to blog daily, yet i’ve pulled it off. The fact i’ve had to schedule 3 or 4 blog posts to appear on this blog over the last few days shows just how much planning & effort goes in to the blog.

And that’s really what it’s all about… planning & effort. It would be very easy for me to stop blogging for a few days but a few days could turn in to a week by the time i get settled down again at home. Then i might say “ah sure another day won’t do any harm”. One single blip is too much. It leads to more and more.

Blogging to me now is habit, and i believe it’s a good habit. So breaking the habit, intentionally or by accident, isn’t good. Not only do i become accustomed to blogging daily, you readers become accustomed to reading daily, or reading 7 posts every week… bottom line is you expect posts to be here. If they’re not, you’re disappointed. I know because i read other blogs.

I like consistency, i like to know that when i visit a site or a blog, there’ll be new stuff waiting to be read. In fact i’ve stopped reading many over the years because they’ve died. Been neglected. The novelty of blogging seems to ware off within months for the vast majority of bloggers. The novelty has also worn off for me, but i believe the advantages of blogging daily outweigh the disadvantages and like i said before, it’s now just habit for me. I enjoy doing it, i don’t need novelty to motivate me to blog.

Today is my last day in London, so i’ll be back home tomorrow evening and you can bank on another blog post from me then. A ‘live’ post. The danger with scheduling posts & taking things for granted though is that they may never materialize. How do i know today will be my last day in london? Maybe my flight will be cancelled and i won’t get to go… maybe i’ll be dead by the time this post goes out… who knows… it’s always a dangerous game planning ahead and making assumptions, anticipating, predicting… yet at the same time all that stuff is required to succeed at anything…

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