i’m getting sat nav

My girlfriend has decided to get me a satellite navigation system for christmas :mrgreen:

Of course, me being the most technologically minded person she knows – she knows better than to let other people pick one out as i’m the best and only person to consult when it comes to technology.

So i’ll be ordering it, paying for it and she’ll just give me the cash in person. Not exactly a surprise on Christmas morning, but at least it’s something i’ll use and appreciate.

I’m looking at the garmin nuvi 610T (same as 660 only with uk and ireland maps), with navteq maps. The feckin maps aren’t updating til the new year so it’s a pain in the hole in that if i get one now, the maps will probably update in a few weeks. You used to be able to upgrade free of charge for a couple of months but apparently that’s not guranteed anymore and navteq are reviewing that policy.

So i’ll be on the hunt for a gps system over the weekend. It must be bluetooth enabled as it will double as a handy little handsfree kit. My current handsfree kit does the job, but this would allow me to make calls/dial numbers/view who’s calling etc..

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