I’m Back!

Almost a week away from the internet 🙁 not good for someone like me who NEEDS information and statistics every day.

Boy was i surprised when i got back…. JPEGr had got 1745 UNIQUE hits on Friday (12th Jan) alone. Saturday was 1500 unique hits and then it began to fizzle out just as i was coming home from Barcelona.. typical…

So in the last 7 days, JPEGr received over 4000 unique hits… 8000 hits…. about 75% of traffic from stumbleupon…

anyway, Barcelona was a blast. Unfortunately, i didn’t get to see the Nou Camp, due to Siesta time… (the place closed at 1.30pm on a Sunday, wtf??)
But i did go to the zoo, get a cable car ride over the city, see a few churches, visited the picasso museum… see the exterior of the Nou Camp… i’ll upload a few pictures later… my memory card was wiped somehow so 90% of my photo’s were erased 🙁 However i ran a few checks and restoration programmes and i can recover most of them 🙂

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