i’m at home in college…

Today, i decided to take my laptop into college…

I’m in the middle of a 3 hour gap between classes 😡 so i figured i needed something to keep me entertained..

The college has Wi-Fi and super fast broadband speeds so i can just head into a free classroom and chill out..

I do have access to a PC anytime i want it, but they’re old, slow PC’s with CRT monitors etc… the gaming guys have the LCD’s and the latest gear… we’re stuck with the year 2000 white (now yellow) computers :mrgreen:

So being able to download/install stuff and use firefox is a luxury 😛 Anyway, it feels wierd having my laptop in college… i rarely take it out of my bedroom. It is a ferrari though, so it’s always nice to ask people if they want to see my ferrari :mrgreen: It works everytime…

“yeah right, and i’ve a porche 911 sitting outside”

“no, seriously, i have a ferrari, i’ll show it to you if you want”

*whips out laptop*

Ahh, you’d know this was a post created out of boredom 😆

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