i’m a blogger, get me out of here..

It’s been about 32 hours since i last blogged…

Believe it or not, that’s actually very vare.. normally i’d timestamp posts or look for reviews etc.. but i said to myself yesterday, feck it..

This blog is important to me; it’s a way to vent fury, make friends and turn boring, everday tasks into something creative and productive which may actually entertain some people.. So i blog out of habit, love..

But i thought yesterday i’d take a break. Not just from blogging but the internet in general.. it’s important to get out and clear your head once in a while.. just do something different.. there’s nothing worse than feeling trapped or feeling your week is turning into a routine, a chore.

Anyway, back to my normal 2 posts a day rule from tomorrow on 😛 It was nice just ‘quitting’ the internet for a day or two, but i don’t think i could ever quit it permanently :mrgreen:

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