If you were a thief..

I’ve debated this on some forums over the past few days…

With modern Sat Nav systems, such as my Nuvi 61oT (which arrived today by the way, but i can’t open it ’til christmas day!), come a set of stickers…


These stickers are for your car window and they say something like ‘this device is useless to you as it has a Garmin lock on it’. The idea behind the stickers is that they let any thieves around know that your device will be no good to them without passwords.

Whilst this may put off the tech savvy thieves, my argument was that the stickers only draw attention to the fact you have a Sat Nav in the car. I’m sure the average thief couldn’t give a hoot what sort of Sat Nav it is. He see’s a small, expensive Sat Nav worth a couple of hundred bucks stuck to the dash, and it’s easy pickings.

Will he really stop and take the time to look at and read a small little sticker? Will he even be able to read full stop?! The chances are it will be dark, he’ll be more focused on people walking past rather than reading a small little warning sticker.

A Sat Nav, even if it is locked, can be taken apart and used for parts, so it still holds some sort of value. You could also flog it to an elderly person at a market etc who wouldn’t know any better.

So my take on this was that i wouldn’t put the stickers on my car. My security solution? I’ll take the GPS with me wherever i go. Only an idiot would leave a €300 GPS sitting on the dash in full view… doesn’t matter where the car is parked. It’s asking for trouble. As Bush keeps telling us, you don’t negotiate with terrorists. You certainly don’t let them know you have valuables in the car with a big ‘i have valuables in the car’ sticker on your window 🙄

Best way to keep a GPS from getting robbed from a car is to have it on your body 😎 Anyone wants to rob my person, they’ll be in for a tough time, unless of course they have a knife or gun in which case i’d cave in like a little girl 😆

2 thoughts on “If you were a thief..”

  1. I’d also make sure to take the holder off your windscreen as a friend of mine had his side window broken and someone had routed through his glove box looking for it even thought he had brought it with him.

  2. yeah that’s a problem to.. people seeing ‘rings’ on the window or seeing the actual holder itself..

    most people would throw the sat nav in the govebox, so i guess for maximum security you should throw the holder in the glovebox and wipe the rings off the window :mrgreen:

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