i told you i’d pass!

I’m just after getting my exam results from college today online. Passed everything, just like i said i would before i’d even finished my exams. Here’s what i got (last 6 results – the first 6 are from 1st semester). Percentage in each subject is on the right, the 5.00 figure in the middle is the amount of credits i earned (you need 60 in a year to pass the year – which is what i got).

my college results year 2

  • I averaged 57% overall this semester.
  • Last semester i averaged 61.5%
  • Total year 2 average: 59.3%

In year 1 i averaged 63.9%, so my overall average since i started works out at 61.6%. A pretty fair result based on the effort i’ve put in. I haven’t killed myself, i *could * work a lot harder but for me it’s a balance between my online work and college work.

Online work is more important to me – i learn more, i work harder, it’s real-life work. College work tends to be pretty meaningless most of the time so i lose interest. I still do it and try my best, but it’s my best effort at something i’m not passionate about – not my best effort as in flat out 110% committment.

Anyway, this confirms what i already knew – i’m now free until September, unlike last year :mrgreen:

8 thoughts on “i told you i’d pass!”

  1. I'm not the best at networking either 😛

    lol – only jokin

    Congrats on the results mate 🙂 Mine are out on the 17th , and im not feeling so lucky 🙁

  2. If only i could get my bloody results! College e-mail crashed again! and i cant log into the results page. Congrats on yours by the way 😀

  3. i don't love myself, i love being accurate and taking risks 🙂 the threat of failure inspires me to succeed which is why i'll often post predictions about the future / my future.

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