i need a new phone..

i’ve had a nokia 6600 for 3 years this month now. This is the one…


3 years later and the number 6 has finally given up on me. It took me about 3 minutes to get an ‘o’ when texting 👿 it was always dodgy, but now it’s gotten ridiculous. I’ve tried changing the covers and opening it up but it’s still the same. Also, the sound is a bit muffly and the bodywork is pretty scratched and dented.

I really only use the phone for the odd text and phonecall. I used to use bluetooth heavily for PC connection but not any more. I’m too busy to be looking for screensavers and downloading ringtones and the latest series 60 app 😛

€550 it cost me back in the day. But worth it. I’ve many friends who’ve gone through 3/4 phones in the time i’ve had mine. With pictures/video/ IR / bluetooth etc.. it was very cutting edge back then.

So i’ve now set my sights on the modern day 6600 – the nokia n95.


it’s basically a mini computer. 5mp camera, IR, bluetooth, built in GPS, mp4 player, WiFi, quad-band, TV-out.. it’s an absolute powerhouse of digital gadgets crammed into a candy bar. Ironically, the suggested RRP for this baby is €550. The exact same as what i paid 3 years ago for the 6600.

It’s pretty steep and probably a big waste of money, but i love my gadgets and i could well be tempted into buying this beauty when the price comes down slightly. So don’t be surprised if you see me reviewing the n95 in the next couple of months 😉 (it’s due for release in late march).

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