I need a new office

Dual Core processors were on the horizon when i was buying this laptop over 2 and half years ago. That’s how old my Ferrari is getting. Of course i’ll never sell my Ferrari, it is without doubt my most valuable possession (sentimentally).

No amount of cash would buy it off me – i’m serious. Well that’s a lie, i’d take offers of €5k plus, but anything lower would be instantly rejected – that’s how much i think of this machine and the memories it’s given me.

I’ll do some quick maths here to give you an idea of how much use it’s gotten.

Total Days Owned (roughly) = 920
Holidays/Days away from home (roughly) = 40
Total days at home (therefore with laptop on) = 880
Avg hours per day on laptop = 6

Total usage = 5280 hours or 220 days

So i’d estimate this laptop has been on for about 5000 hours in total which is over 200 days – non stop 😮

The time has come to get serious and buy a desktop, with proper workstation and swivel chair. My bedroom is pretty big, it can handle a workstation, so it makes sense to use the space and hopefully increase productivity.

Now how the hell can i afford all of that? I can’t. But it *is* my 21st birthday in April. People will be wondering what to get me and probably end up giving me cash. I’ve done a rough calculation of what sort of price we’re talking about.

Desk = €250
Chair = €100
2 x 20″ monitors = €400
PC = €700
Graphics Tablet = €100

That works out at €1550. Not bad, considering i paid more for my current laptop 😉

I’d like to have all of this in place by the time i finish my first year in college which would be mid-May. It would allow me to start working seriously during the summer – doing every little bit of work i can get – logos, characters (with my tablet), ebooks, domains, affiliate marketing etc..

The other option i have is a very tempting one… JPEGr. It *is* currently up for sale on sedo but until i slap a price on it and start promoting the sale it’s unlikely i’ll get an offer. I guess i’m still hoping the ‘make an offer’ status i have at the minute will attract an impulse buy of $50,000 🙄

But JPEGr should fetch a large chunk of that €1500, if not all of it. So it’s a nice cushion to have. I’ll talk more about this later anyway, it’s only rough figures i have at the minute and i still haven’t planned it all out (the PC/monitor setup) but the thought of having a quad core processor, 3 gigs of ram with 2 x 20″ monitors, with a cream leather executive chair is truely mouthwatering 😛


If that wouldn’t inspire me to fulfill my potential i don’t know what would. I’m still desperate to avoid a real life job and during summer the pressure will be on from all angles to get a job. So if i can hit weekly targets and work out a timetable, i may just be able to keep on working at home :mrgreen:

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  1. what’s the deal with the highlight of the paragraphs on mouse over ???

    it allows you to quote something in the comments field, just like i’ve done here 😉

  2. it allows you to quote something in the comments field, just like i’ve done here

    Oh, so that’s what it dpes! 😈

    I’ve had my current PC since August 2004, luckily I bought a ‘bit of a beast’ so it’s, still, quick enough… still want a new one though :/

  3. So what kind of specs will you be looking for in a pc?
    I’m interested in purchasing and am interested in hearing your view.

    And the reasoning behind the two 20″ monitors? I see HP have 24″ monitors available?

    You ever consider building your own?

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