i love my mouse

I always thought the logitech mx600 mouse looked pretty cool and looked like the sort of mouse that would feel nice in your hand.

I wasn’t wrong 🙂 Having spent the last week or so now using it, along with the mx3200 keyboard, i have to say they were well worth the €40 extra they cost me :mrgreen:

It’s wireless, laser and along with left/right and scroll wheel, it also has 2 buttons of the side of it, plus ‘zoom’ buttons which enlarge text / zoom in.

The real advantage though can be seen in cod4 😀 I’ve programmed these buttons on the mouse to throw grenades and knife people. It’s very difficult to do that on a keyboard when you’re busy moving around with one hand and aiming with the other using the mouse. But thanks to these extra buttons all of a sudden i’m killing more people and dying less 😎

The keyboard is also really handy for 1-click opening of programs and files. I can also control volume and close windows, plus accept/reject VOIP calls all from the keyboard 🙂

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