i know what you’re up to

You know that tie i ordered? Well, i’ve been tracking it since i ordered it. It went from the States, to England, to Dublin in about 39 hours.


The boys at DHL have pulled a fast one, saying they tried to deliver it, but i wasn’t home – bullshit. There’s usually always someone at home and there was yesterday.


The tie is probably sitting in the back of a truck in Dublin. It’s too much hassle an expense to send a van up north as they probably don’t have enough items to warrant sending a van up. I’d imagine it will arrive tomorrow as they probably won’t want to risk leaving it all weekend as it has a priority label on it.

They’ve done this before – DHL. Everything is fast when going from country to country, but once things get in to Irish shores, things start to slow down 🙄 The delivery man probably thinks he’ll save himself a bit of driving and bother and pretend he tried to deliver it, but nobody was home. Well unfortunately for him, i’m one of the few people that keep a close eye on delivery status and he’s tried to pull the wool over my eyes, probably thinking the chances of me complaining and tracking this little package are pretty slim :mrgreen:

If the tie doesn’t arrive today, there will be hell to pay 😈

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