I know i have problems

Before i get too many people emailing me, pointing out that x and y is broken or not working in this theme, i’ll go through a list of known issues and stuff i’m working on… if i’ve missed something, by all means lave a comment and i’ll try to sort it out ASAP 🙂

  • Gravatar’s not loading, just defaulting on to the blue image
  • AJAX comment editing messed up slightly (cheers mongey for that)
  • Lack of ‘previous’ / ‘next’ buttons on homepage to browse more posts
  • Black bar at the top being ‘fixed’ in Firefox, but not fixed in IE
  • Too much white / line space space between headings and content
  • Archives Page not working
  • No comment smileys

I’ll try to sort out all of the above by tonight. The homepage is also different than the rest of the pages, that’s deliberate and talk about why i like that later 😉

4 thoughts on “I know i have problems”

  1. Lucky that i’m working on this theme aswell 😛
    To fix the fixed position on the Black bar in the screen.css locate #topbar and change the position:fixed; to position:inline;

    Edit: This might be the wrong way for what you want.. just re-read what you said..

  2. To get it so that the bar moves… you have to change position:absolute; to position:fixed; in ie7.css

    The above way is to have it resting at the top of the page

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