I haven’t written in a year..

You know what i’m just after discovering?

I haven’t picked up a pen and wrote a letter/sentence/article in 12 months 😯 All i’ve done is use my signature to sign things or tick a few boxes/one word answers for application forms.. apart from that i can’t think of anytime i’ve had to write out a paragraph or even a sentence… (i just put ‘to’ and ‘from’ on cards – too lazy to think of something creative)

The last time would have been during my exams last June – my hands were falling off back then – over 100 a4 pages hand written in about 3 weeks 🙄

Since then, i haven’t picked up a pen 😛 Any letters i’ve written have all been typed – for example my resignation letter.. Ironically, i’ve written about 400 unique articles on this blog alone, plus dozens more across a variety of sites and not to mention the 2,500 posts i’ve made on boards.ie 😳

I guess this is saving trees and all that.. plus it’s saving ink and the use of rulers, stamps and all that.. that’s my contribution to a greener world done 😎

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