i don’t want to go back to school

oh no, not college!

On Monday, college resumes although because i’m only getting back from Barcelona on Monday morning, i’ll not make it in until Tuesday. I had intended to do some college work over the Christmas holidays but it never happened…

More important stuff

I spent most of my free time over the holidays studying Objective C and learning how to build iPhone apps. So i actually spent my time studying and learning, just not studying and learning what i’m getting marked in 🙂

At this stage in the game though i think i’m better off learning what suits me. If i learn by myself i get more practical experience because i’m much more likely to ‘create’ something with any new skills i acquire. You haven’t seen an iPhone app from me yet but you will see one soon.

I’ve also been busy educating myself in video editing. I didn’t just randomly stumble across music sites for youtube videos, i went looking for them and read up on licences and stuff. I also enabled filesharing between my PC and Mac which allows me to quickly edit videos on either PC or Mac, whichever i feel is most suitable.

Real world value

So to me, all of that is much more valuable than college work. I can tell you what i’ve done, i can show you, i can offer you those services now if you need any of that stuff done. With college work (most of it), i can say things like “yes, now i know management theories, allow me to demonstrate my knowledge of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs”. It’s mostly theoretically stuff which to me has little real world value, i mean that’s important stuff but only if it’s applied in the right way and at college we can’t apply it, because classroom isn’t real world.

I think that’s why i tend to dislike a lot of it. I like writing and i like thinking, but not about stuff which i feel is of no benefit to me. Of course the beauty of this semester of college is that it will probably be my last so the thought of being ‘free’ from exams and formal studying should be enough to lure me over the finish line.

From May onwards i can then take control of what i learn and fully commit to anything i want to learn without the ‘distraction’ of college. Being away from college for these couple of weeks has taught me that i’m at my happiest and most productive when i’m creating something or learning to create something.

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