I Dare You..

I haven’t sat down and thought of ideas in quite some time. Here’s one of my old ideas – unedited, from last year i found sitting in a hidden folder. Perhaps a hidden gem 😉

I Dare You

we get some crazy nutcase people to do some dares for cash… like film themselves jumping into a public pond naked with loads of people around.

The public then make donations to see it happen. once the total reaches say $50 (the guy doing it can set a minimum amount), the guy does it and posts a video up on the site and then gets the cash.

Imagine getting a nutcase to streak at half time in a big football match or something. Think of all the controversy that would cause, all the media attention for the site.. Asking price could be $10,000 and every one would donate like $1 each. If he fails to do it, the $10,000 is offered to anyone else who would do it.

OR the public could decide the crazy stunts and start donating money for them, once the money reaches an acceptable level, the stunt is done by a poor cash strapped student and the guy who sends in a video 1st gets the cash….

Basically, we’ll get cash strapped students desperate for money and they’ll video themselves doing crazy shit just for a bit of cash. We need to reward doners though for this to really work, well apart from hilarious videos, they’ll want something else for their donation. Perhaps a link back underneath the video or a revenue sharing system…

Perhaps i could sell that idea to youtube for a few million :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “I Dare You..”

  1. i’ve no problem with you stealing it..

    just send me my monthly brown envelope and i’ll keep quiet 😈

  2. Too late, but sorry for the bump…

    I made the site last year – got taken down because of the nude images of people doing things and the public got distressed..

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