how to write blog posts

Writing a blog post is easy. Anyone can do it. String a few words together and you have a sentence. String a few sentences together and there you have it – your first blog post!

In my eyes, there are 3 types of writers;

  • The good
  • The average
  • The ugly

The good

Tabebuia Trumpet Tree
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Within the good group, we have those who can write effortlessly in ‘proper english’. I’m talking about lawer / political correct type stuff. These guys can compose the ‘terms and conditions’ you see (or most likely can’t see) with ease.

We also have those who write in layman’s terms, but with a certain va-va-voom about their writing which seperates them from the average writers. The writers would be an example. Superb writers, but they come across as ordinary people on the street. In today’s world, that sort of writing is king.

The average

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The majority of people are average writers. Bloggers are a good example. Most blogs don’t last long. Why? Because nobody wants to read crap. If nobody is reading, the writer usually gets frustrated and packs it all in. These guys can speak english, they can write. But not. knowing. when to start;stop sentences or use the correct tone / characters and fasiling to use spl cheek will often be their downfall.

Their. There. They’re.

Where. We’re. Were.

The average writer, most likely, will not know what i’m talking about their 😉 A lot of people, probably myself included, fall somewhere in between good and average in my view. But you don’t need to be a good writer to be a successful writer.

The ugly

Upside down
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These guys just shouldn’t write full stop. They’re the txt spk blggrs who write whenever they want, just for fun. You won’t see consistent writing or the use of thought provoking language. These guys are the lol’ers and the myspace fanatics. They write to sell themselves, not to sell their information. And by *sell* i mean promote, not ‘sell’ in the literal sense 😉


Spelling mistakes are acceptable, we all make them. Gramatical errors are less acceptable, especially if you’re repeating them over and over. Shoemoney does it – he admits it too but he doesn’t give a crap. He can afford to make them though – look at his life, look at the power his blog has – he’s not a particularly great writer yet his blog is one of the most popular / successful online 🙂

For the average blogger though, make mistakes and it’s another reason to drive people away. People won’t leave your blog because they see spelling mistakes or gramatical errors, but they’ll take note subconsiously and all of these little subconsious notes are what determines if they stay on your site or move on.

A *real* writer will write no matter what… they’ll write if nobody reads as they believe what they write is important – whether it’s important to themselves, their friends, aliens or people they’ve never met yet.

A good example would be charles darwin – he wrote and wrote for 20+ years but never really published any findings during that time. Few people ever read his work during that time. So why did he write? Because he knew that one day, his work may be of value to someone… it may prove religion wrong or help shape the world for tomorrow.

He was right.

It doesn’t matter how you write or what you write about… if you feel you’ve got something important to say or just have an opinion to add, just write and forget about everything else.

Banks. Religion. Ryanair. Iraq. Obama. Bush. Bebo. Google.

If you read those words without any thoughts running through your head, you’re not a writer, you’re probably not human. Most likely, you’ll attach images and stats to all of those words and recall an opinion you’ve already formed over a long period of time. You’ve done the hard work… now just get those thoughts down on paper in some sort of structured fashion!

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