how to wake up better

One of the most exciting moments during a day for me, is to go to bed.

I don’t know what it is.. normally i’ll flirt with the idea of going to bed early… that never happens as i get hooked on the internet. On a working night, i hit the sack about 12.30am, getting up at about 7.10am, so just under 7 hours sleep.

I love sleep. As a kid, i used to hate it. I hated going to bed and kicked up a fuss every night, wanting to stay up later. I was then up at like 7am – awake naturally (weekdays or weekends).

So for me, you can’t beat that feeling of having a wrinkle-free bed/duvet in front of you, bedside lamp on and rain pelting down on the roof… it’s all the more tasty if you happen to be absolutely shattered.

Of course, like all good things, they must come to an end. The ends are waking up, or should i say, being woken up. By an alarm, by someone in the house getting ready for work, banging doors etc..

It’s bloody freezing these mornings and virtually impossible to get up as soon as the alarm sounds first time. I’m usually up 4 or 5 ‘snooze’ buttons later 😉 But i’m reluctant to turn any lights on.. even if it means tripping over things. Please, not the lights. It’s a form of torture.

Having the cold air hit your warm body once you decide to lift those blankets off is enough pain. Flicking on a blinding light is like adding vinegar to an open wound. If i need light, i’ll press a button on my phone and point the screen away from my face 😎

Every morning i ask myself “Why the fvck didn’t i go to bed earlier last night?” followed by “I’m definitely going to bed earlier tonight”. It never happens :mrgreen:

Can someone help me wake up better?! I have no problems going to bed / getting to sleep, it’s just the getting up part i don’t like 🙂

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