how to legally skip traffic queues

It took me 30 minutes exactly just to drive out of college today. IDIOT drivers blocking up yellow boxes and traffic light junctions were to blame. Normally i’m pretty patient but traffic lights had changed green 3 times and we still hadn’t moved… so i ended up driving the whole way around the town just to keep moving… I really hate not moving and being stuck in traffic. Especially when we have manual cars – it’s not relaxing and it’s not comfortable as you’re constantly pushing peddles and changing gears, using handbrake etc… If i had my way, manual cars would be banned 🙂

We then come to roundabouts with all the traffic in the left hand lane – like 10 cars deep. I’ll now reveal one of my favorite tricks to legally beat traffic….

We have a roundabout…

Beat traffic at roundabouts

Lets say it’s two lanes and the left hand lane is full and the roundabout is busy (rush hour). Even if you want to turn left, move in to the right hand lane. Do a full 360/440 of the roundabout and exit when you want 😈

This also works at traffic lights but it’s a bit more work… for example when i come out of college, generally everyone comes out at the same time and all head in the one direction and use the same lane. The other lanes are virtually empty. So if it’s busy, i’ll move in to one of the other lanes, carry on through the junction and turn at the nearest available space and then head back towards my destination but from another angle 😈

Beat traffic at traffic lights

The latter method is riskier as you may not save any time… you’ll need good awareness to know when it’s worthwhile doing and when it’s not as you need to turn safely so need to know the road. But the first method generally never fails and quite often that boy racer who just overtook you a while back will wonder how the hell you’re back in front of him again :mrgreen:

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