how to kill birds with stones

two birds, one stone

I’m pretty sure you can find out how to do that (literally) online, no doubt google or youtube will bring up examples… but i’m gonna talk about killing birds with stones in the metaphorical sense…

My last few blog posts (apart from the April fools one) were all part of one large college assignment. That’s right. I cheated. I used college work for blog posts and blog post for college work. At least it feels like cheating, but it’s not. It’s just good efficiency.

One of the major problems with college is that any work you do (well that vast majority of it) ends up in a folder or a bin. It stays there until eventually i gets burned, shredded or lost. That’s criminal in my view. And that thought always eats away at me any time i do college work – i know the chances are i’m not going to use it again and neither is anyone else.

For tens of thousands of years, people have not written anything down and as a result, we know nothing about them. Information is passed on from generation to generation but it gets lost and muddled up and that’s only natural. This Arthur Guinness ad is a perfect example…


“To Arthur” ends up becoming “To Marshans”.

ALL work, if it’s written, should be recorded & stored online. Knowledge is power and by filling the world with as much information as possible (no matter how good or bad it is), it will result in better decision making and understanding.

If everyone on the planet dies right now and you survive, you’re screwed. You don’t know how to farm, how to produce electricity, how to protect yourself from diseases… without information on how to do all that, you’re dead too.

You don’t need to be Einstein to live, you just gotta know where and how to get information. Basic education means we can come up with reasonable decisions ourselves. So assuming there are no humans around, you can still live and survive or prolong your life thanks to information. Put me on a mountain for a year and i die. Put me on a mountain with a survival guide and i survive.

If that information doesn’t exist, you’re no better off than the caveman from millions of years ago. That’s my philosophy anyway on information / education. When this assignment popped up, i seized the opportunity to nail two birds right between the eyes with just the one stone.

The topic was relatively interesting…. i know my data recovery post will be referred to down the line by people & by myself too. Whilst it might not be interesting, it’s useful and it will help people. That’s why i blogged about it.

If i get traffic, backlinks etc.. out of those posts then my bird kill count goes up. Maybe i’ve killed 3 birds, or 4 with the one stone… bottom line is that sharing information is good so when you see an opportunity to do it, take it without thinking. Someone, somewhere will thank you (maybe not today, but down the line) and that makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. Agreed 100% Sean, I'm studying an education based course and we were told to be 'very careful' about what we put up online after we finish.. That to me is just down right hyprocritical! We are studying education but we are warned not to share stuff that might help others in the future! I've written about 15,000 assigment words to date at a guess and i'll be putting them all online when I finish. They might not be the best 15k words but i didn't spend countless hours researching and writing for them to go in the shredder! If someone copies my assignments next year they obviously set about to copy anyway and i'm sure they can find better than mine! But they might help someone who is genuinely coming along looking for a starting point and if so then great! Brilliant idea on using 'your' work for 'your' blog not someone else's bin (eventually)

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