How to Increase Sharpness

The human brain
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These past few days i haven’t been feeling well. I’m still at college, still busy with assignments etc… but the weather is a drain on my body…

I’m tired and less sharp than i normally am when it comes to logical thinking in programming for example. I was in bed at 11pm last night and it’ll be the same again tonight. Normally it’s at least 1am before i go to bed.

One thing that does improve my sharpness though is playing cod4. Increases my awareness ten fold. I couldn’t get my head around some code during college today, but this evening, after an hour or so playing cod4, all of a sudden things became crystal clear. I was also much more focused on the task at hand.

I think it’s the fact i’m constantly moving, looking around and trying to avoid death which ‘wakes me up’. Of course i’m not literally moving, but my brain thinks i am which in turn increases my mental sharpness as the fear of death is probably the most motivating thing you could have 😉

Interesting stuff and i’m not sure whether there are studies or facts to prove this theory, but i don’t care because it’s working for me :mrgreen:

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