how to get in to google

Typically newbie question when it comes to building / owning a website. “How do i get in to google?”. One i asked myself a few years ago and one i still haven’t found an answer to 😉 That’s because there is no answer. Google works in mysterious ways and much like God, if you believe in God, you just have to accept that sometimes bad things happen to good websites and you’re powerless to change that.

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By in large though, good things happen to good websites. I had a couple of people question what i did to get getting organic traffic and there is no secret – everything i’ve done with regards SEO has been blogged about in that series of posts.

To be honest, that’s not even applying everything i know about SEO… i could improve it further but to do so would take time and effort and why would i bother improving SEO when the site is already ranking at no.1 for the terms i want it to? It would be overkill and for a small niche site that’s just starting out, i don’t want to put all my energy in to it – i’ve bigger fish to fry.

In short, what i’ve done to the site is this:

  • added a simple theme with no fancy widgets or flash graphics
  • changed permalink structure
  • installed all in one seo plugin
  • installed sitemap plugin
  • set up google webmaster account for the site
  • created unique, handwritten content

And that’s it… that’s how i ‘got in to google’ and started competing for the search terms i wanted. I’m not hiding anything or holding back any more information. I did use wordpress, and i’d recommend wordpress for it’s SEO capability. Out of the box, it won’t do much for you, but make the above changes and you’re flying.

I suppose the only thing i haven’t talked about is back links. The only possible advantage i would have over you (starting from scratch) is that i have a fairly large, trusted blog to promote the likes of, so that theoretically adds some weight and trust to the site in google’s eyes, which might help boost search engine rankings. However if you use forums, comment on blogs, use twitter, facebook etc… you can just as easily promote and build backlinks to your site.

There is no secret to SEO. If you pay for SEO advice, you’re paying for free information that’s presented in a bow package to you. I suppose it’s the same with social media. Some people want it that way and that’s fine – maybe they don’t have the time or the energy to learn…. but for most of you guys reading this, there are no excuses. If you want to SEO your sites, it just requires a bit of reading, some experimenting and patience. All i know about SEO has been self-taught with the help of wikipedia, forums, blogs and of course google.

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